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Blog Badge for the Madison Fling

If you’re planning to attend the Madison Fling, or if you simply want to show your support for the Fling, please add the 2020 Madison badge to your website. Here it is:

You can add this badge to your site by right-clicking on the badge image above and selecting “Save Image As…” to save it to your computer. For higher quality, click on the badge to open it in a new window, and then “Save Image As…” Then you can upload the image to your blog. Or you can choose “Copy Image” and paste it into a post or sidebar widget of your blog rather than uploading the image to your site. Remember to make that image a link, as well, and link to so people can easily find information about the Madison Fling when they click on the badge. We think of the badge’s heart, filled with produce, as a nod to the Dane County Farmers’ Market, where we’ll open our Saturday morning schedule, June 20. It’s America’s largest producers-only farmers’ market! Good news: We have some sponsors! Watch the sidebar for sponsorship updates, and be sure to thank our sponsors whenever you have a chance. They make this amazing event possible!


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