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Botanical Interests seed packets pack a powerful punch

We’re excited to have Botanical Interests partnering with us for the Austin Fling on May 3-6. Botanical Interests has been a long-time sponsor of the Fling and we appreciate their support – they and all of our other sponsors help make this event possible from year to year.

A family-owned business since 1995, Botanical Interests offers an astounding array of more than 600 seed varieties.

From organics to heirlooms, their seeds are specifically chosen to perform for home gardeners. All of their seeds are untreated and non-GMO.

Their seed packets really set them apart in the gardening world. I pore over my Botanical Interests seed packets, full of — you guessed it — interesting botanical information. On each packet, you can learn about the history of the plant, follow tips for successful growing and even find a recipe to use when you’ve harvested your edibles. Suggestions about keeping your cut flowers longer and your vegetables fresher are invaluable.

Using the inside of the packet gives them a lot more space to include the additional information they know gardeners want, because they are gardeners and they want it, too.

When I’m designing a garden space, it’s invaluable to have all that data at my fingertips. I don’t want to go searching online or elsewhere for information when I’m planning, and with Botanical Interests packets, I don’t have to.

Of course, now is the perfect time to buy all of your seeds for spring planting. Be sure to show your appreciation for their support.

You will find them on Facebook, Instagram #Botanical Interests, and @Botanical Seeds on Twitter.

Order your own catalog, and be sure to sign up for their online newsletter

While you’re using the catalog and newsletter to do your spring garden planning, check out their latest and greatest offerings and products:

Thanks again, Botanical Interests!


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