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Central Texas Gardener: Supporting Sponsor of Austin Fling

Anyone who gardens or is even thinking about gardening in and around Austin knows about Central Texas Gardener, a weekly television program produced by KLRU-TV, Austin PBS. Whether you watch it on TV or online, as I do, when you hear producer, writer, and narrator Linda Lehmusvirta’s soothing voice and descriptive turns of phrase, you know you’re in for the treat of a personally guided tour through beautiful yet real gardens located right here in the challenging region we call home.

For example, check out the CTG tour of Rock Rose blogger Jenny Stocker’s garden; Jenny’s garden will be one of the highlights of the Austin Fling tours.

Each episode also features an in-studio interview with a designer, plantsman or plantswoman, author, or community gardener, as well as tips by local experts. There’s a wealth of gardening info and inspiration in each episode.

Linda Lehmusvirta, producer of CTG

If you come to Austin Fling, you’ll meet the producer, Linda — a local legend and Lone Star Emmy Award winner — as she is a prolific blogger and Flinger as well. Check out her blog for CTG, which mixes personal stories and photos from her own garden with practical gardening advice and teasers for upcoming episodes. The show itself is a true perennial favorite, having been on the air since the late 1980s. In 2006, KLRU began distributing CTG to other PBS stations around the country, and today more than 20 stations in 8 states air the program.

As they say: “Central Texas Gardener knows that gardeners are as diverse as their soil, interests, and style. What they all share: creativity and lots of questions! CTG solves the problems, inspires innovative designs, illustrates resourceful techniques, and tells the personable stories behind groundbreaking adventures. From cultivation to crafts, anyone — no matter where you live and garden — can watch CTG online to get growing, right now!”

Austin Fling is proud to have the support of Central Texas Gardener, and we hope you’ll tune in to watch and learn! You’ll find CTG‘s past episodes on YouTube, and you can follow Linda on Facebook.

Central Texas Gardener


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