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Dancing Oaks: Your Destination for the Unique and Unusual

I love it when gardeners describe themselves as plant addicts, with no apologies or explanations. Leonard Foltz and Fred Weisensee of the spectacular Oregon nursery Dancing Oaks are passionate gardeners and enthusiasts of unusual and unique plants. Their idea of a vacation is a plant collecting expedition to South Africa or Chile!

Epimedium ‘Caramel’ from Dancing Oaks

Dancing Oaks ships nationwide and only sells plants of the highest quality. Grown on site at their nursery or through reputable growers, trees, shrubs, and perennials that “merit cultivation and appreciation” are offered through on site sales as well as their website. Biennials, ferns, bulbs and tubers, vines, grasses, and bamboo are also offered. Their online catalog lists helpful and humorous information about each plant. For gardeners in the area, their nursery is surrounded by gorgeous display gardens and features a pavilion perfect for group events. “In concert with the plants in the garden are water features, xeric gardens, metal sculptures created by local artists, a vine covered cedar pergola, hand made glass art and urns and pots for garden ornaments.” For more information about Dancing Oaks, check out Grace Pete’s blog post about her visit to the nursery.


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