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Denver Fling sponsor J. Berry, plus a conifer garden on tour

Meet a top-level, first-time sponsor:

Discovering & Delivering Great Plants

J.Berry Nursery

J. Berry is the owner and introducer of the exciting consumer plant brands including Black Diamond® and Emerald Empire® Crapemyrtles, Déjà Bloom® Azaleas, the tropical Hollywood™ Hibiscus collection, Summer Spice™ Hardy Hibiscus and Crown Jewel™ Begonias. J. Berry Nursery was founded in 2006 by father and son, Jim and Jonathan Berry. Over the past 13 years, J. Berry has expanded by leaps and bounds. In addition to the finished wholesale nursery business, the company now includes a new Young Plants and a new Genetics Division. All divisions are focused on bringing innovation to the market and providing infinite possibilities to consumers via superior packaging and marketing of plants that exceed performance expectations. The company’s unique multi-pronged position as a breeder, nursery, and small plant producer, ensures that only top quality plants join the J. Berry product offerings.

Highlights for 2019!

Hollywood Hibiscus, World Famous For…

· Exceptional bud & bloom counts · Multi-day lasting blooms · Bacterial leaf spot & white fly resistance · Naturally compact growth habits · Proven performance for growers, retailers & gardeners

Crown Jewel Begonias · Heat & drought tolerant · Perfect for quarts, 6” 9” & combination planters · No inclination for disease or insect issues · Ground-breaking color palette · Colorful foliage lights up partially shaded locations · Exceptional versatility, works well in landscapes, container gardens, hanging baskets and as a houseplant

Summer Spice Hardy Hibiscus · A multi-award winning collection! · Breakthrough flower colors in breeding · Combination garden friendly · 3’H x3’W · Zone 5 Hardy

Please contact Tamara Risken, Marketing & Licensing Director for Additional Information 210-861-9275

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2019 Garden preview

This yard started out as a 3/4 acre wasteland of dead grass and one Aspen tree,

over 3 decades ago.

The owner has a love of conifers of all types and sizes.

She is a member of the National Rock Garden Society. I, too, love rocks; rocks, stones, all shapes and sizes bring a natural, rural feel to an otherwise organized planting.

The different fence panels provide backdrop interest.

Natural stones can be as interesting and beautiful as a flowering plant.

Stone planters blend in nicely.


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