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Fantastic Door Prizes for you…

We are so excited about the door prizes that we’ve rounded up for the Portland Fling. This is a seriously *kick-ass* group of items that some lucky Flingers are going to get to take home with them! During the Friday night dinner we’ll be giving away…

2 Hover Dish planters (Dolga in Iceburg and Flango in Nemo) from Pot, Inc

A white City Planter from Potted

9 Atomic Mod Dish planters filled with tillandsia (centerpieces on each table) from Steel Life and Little Prince of Oregon Nursery

Teak Bench, drop shipped from TeakCloseouts

Planting Table to be drop-shipped from TableGarden

“Attracting Native Pollinators” book and a $50 gift card from Portland Nursery

“The Flower Recipe Book” and red metal ampersand from Garden Fever Nursery

3 Demeter scents (Mildew, Dirt, Wet Garden) and 2 gift boxes of soap from Digs Inside & Out

2 Dyckia ‘Burgundy Ice’ from Digs Inside & Out

Cobrahead weeder and BioMarker Plant Markers from Cobrahead

Cobrahead Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator (2 for Drop Ship) from Cobrahead

2 Assorted Tool Packages from Dramm

Sunstripe garden tools (set of 2) from Schoolhouse Electric Company

Garden trug and everyday twine from Schoolhouse Electric Company

5 copies of “Weeds Find A Way” from Barbara Fisch and Sarah Shealy/Blue Slip Media

2 copies of “The 20-30 Something Garden Guide” from Dee Nash/St. Lynn’s Press

13″ Cordless String Trimmer from Toro

2 bags of Timbers gear (hat, shirt, scarf, etc) from the Portland Timbers

12 Seed Sprouter Kits from Botanical Interests

Several pieces of Metal Garden Art/Plant Stands/Hangers from Garden Gallery Iron Works

An assortment of plants from Xera Plants, Inc. And yes we know, many of you are flying so we’ve rounded up a list of the nearest shipping facilities…

221 SW Alder St

Portland, OR 97204

Phone (503) 224-6550

5 blocks from hotel AND they’re open on Saturday and Sunday until 9 pm!

818 SW 3Rd Ave

Portland, OR 97204

Phone (503) 222-4888

6 blocks from hotel


204 SW 5th Ave

Portland, OR 97204

Phone (503) 294-2399 5 blocks from hotel


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