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Fling Eats – Austin Style

We know the Fling is all about showing off our gardens, but since you’ll be here anyway, we might as well treat you to some of our incredibly tasty food!

In Texas, Beef is King. Austin BBQ has an emphasis on smoky, flavorful brisket. Sauce is an afterthought, with some restaurants avoiding it altogether. We also make some pretty tasty sausage, turkey and ribs – and for you vegetarians we have you covered as well with delicious sides.

Our other culinary love is Tex-Mex, and as luck would have it, our banquet falls on Cinco de Mayo. Expect a festive celebration! You will have your choice of three different menus, two of those with a little Mexican Flair. You will make your menu choice during Fling registration.

Lunch will be included each day with your registration fee. Even though the box lunch is the easiest and most convenient option, we will try to spice it up a bit. Sandwiches don’t always have to come on bread. We like to serve ours on tortillas too!

Flingers will be on their own for breakfast each day, but we can’t let you visit our hometown without providing a staple of the Austinite diet, the breakfast taco. Many of us (me included) start each day with one or two of these handheld delicacies. Breakfast tacos consist of either a flour or corn tortilla filled with eggs and your choice of bacon, chorizo, sausage, cheese, potatoes, or beans – served with a side of salsa. Look for a mid-morning snack on one of our tour days.

We will also provide daily snacks to get you through the long days of garden visits!

Look for options at registration if you have special dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

Posted by Laura / Wills Family Acres


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