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Fling Preview: Joy Creek Nursery

After years of being frustrated by their inability to find the plants they wanted, the owners of Joy Creek founded the current nursery in 1992.

What started out as a mail-order nursery soon grew to include both retail sales and garden design and installation.

The nursery is located 18 miles north of Portland, Oregon, on a ridge overlooking the Joy Creek canyon and the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

The nursery proper occupies about seven acres of a forty-acre farm. Nestled between wooded hills, the site can very fairly be described as ‘idyllic’.

Four-and-a-half acres are devoted to gardens and stock fields, a half-acre to retail sales, and three acres to growing space.

Many of the plants for sale can be observed in mature states in the display garden…in fact, your visit is best started in the display garden to get ideas for plants, plant combos, and design ideas.

The staff at Joy Creek is very excited to meet you all…and, of course, so is the resident feline, Yowler!

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