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Fling Preview: The gardens of Toronto Islands

View of Toronto’s skyline from a front garden on Algonquin Island – one of the Toronto Islands

On the first afternoon of the 2015 Fling, Friday, June 5, we’ll share an experience that’s quintessentially Toronto – we’ll ferry across the harbour to explore the delightful cottage gardens on the Islands, Ward’s and Algonquin. Small, informal, sometimes quirky and always personal, they are a must-see.

As Flingers, we’ll enjoy an exclusive preview of the annual Toronto Island Garden Tour, having all afternoon to see the gardens – and the Island – in advance of their official tour days on the Saturday and Sunday, June 6 & 7. We’ll post news as it becomes available.

The Toronto Island Community is unique. The 262 homes here are part of a lush setting that has been a public park since 1887. It’s a car-free zone (only Parks vehicles are allowed) and Island gardeners must ferry in anything they need from the mainland, whether manure, garden fencing or statuary, and then hike it to their lots via bike or cart. These are dedicated (and resourceful) gardeners.

When we arrive at the docks, be sure to stick together for our Fling group shot, with the skyline as our backdrop. More information to come as the day draws nigh. Watch this space for updates.

Two of our Toronto Fling organizers, Lorraine Flanigan and Sarah Battersby, stroll down one of the Islands’ leafy lanes.

Island gardens are full of cottagey touches, and have a different microclimate than mainland gardens.

After your afternoon, you’ll be free to hop the return ferry at your own pace. It’s a short walk back to the Fling hotel.


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