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Getting to the hotel…

Once the Portland Fling is underway we’ve got your transportation needs covered (no, not a personal limo, a bus) but you’re probably wondering how exactly to get to the hotel from the airport. Here’s a list of options from Heather

Light rail: The MAX (our light rail) goes directly from the airport to our downtown. There is only one line, so you don’t need to worry about getting on the wrong train. When you get off your plane, head downstairs toward baggage claim/ground transportation. The MAX station is on the south end of baggage claim, as seen in this map. You can always ask someone “where’s the MAX?” if you get confused. Fare is $2.50. You can download an app to your smartphone to buy tickets or buy tickets right at the station.

Once on the MAX, your trip will take about 45 minutes. A robotic voice will announce every stop and there are digital displays that tell you which stop is upcoming. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. You’ll know you’re entering downtown when you cross the river.

Your stop is Pioneer Square North. It drops you right off next to a Starbucks and a bunch of people playing chess in Pioneer Square. You’ll want to walk north on Broadway. Can you see the Baskin Robbins? That’s north. You’ll cross Alder, then you should see a Peet’s Coffee. That’s your hotel!

A special note: while our city is relatively crime free, if you’re a woman who doesn’t enjoy traveling alone late at night, we’d probably advise against taking the MAX. If you’re coming in at a reasonable hour, don’t sweat it. If your flight is coming in late at night we’d recommend taking a shuttle or taxi. (Heather here: I’ve taken the MAX at all times of day and night in all sorts of conditions and I’ve never felt unsafe. Your mileage may vary—do what feels right to you.)

Taxi: If you’ve had a long flight and you’d rather not spend another minute with a bunch of people, you can take a cab. Cabs are located in the same area as the MAX station (head downstairs toward baggage/ground transportation). Radio Cab charges $33.50 to go from the airport to the Marriott City Center. Fares are regulated, so any cab company should charge roughly the same amount. A very few cabbies don’t take credit cards, so be sure to ask if that’s how you’re paying. Depending on traffic, this option should take 20-40 minutes.

Shuttle: Blue Star Bus has an express shuttle that leaves from the airport and will take you right to the door of the hotel for $14. You’ll be stopping at places on the way, so I’d guess this option will take about 45 minutes.

Our hotel of record is the Portland Marriott City Center: 520 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205. If you have any issues or get lost, please call Heather Tucker at 971-221-5278.


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