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High Country Gardens: From Agastache to Zauschneria

I’m a sucker for an amazing agastache. Maybe it’s all the hummingbirds fighting over the nectar or the butterflies that hang from the flowers, but I stuff my containers and garden with as many varieties as I can. High Country Gardens is a leading source for agastache and other unique xeric plants.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on ‘Ava’ agastache

Introduced to agastache and all the other amazing drought tolerant plants sold by High Country Gardens when a catalog came in the mail several years ago, they’ve become a go-to resource for xeric plants not available locally.

Agastache thrives in containers.

One of my favorite features of the catalog and website is the attention to detail and excellent information provided about each plant. Instead of vague descriptions, they supply precise information about the water and light needs and the expected size of each plant as well as the wildlife it supports or repels. Plants that only thrive in the western portions of the United States are indicated with a cowboy hat icon, which saves me from trying to grow them in the humid southeast.

High Country Gardens certifies that all of its perennials and wildflower seeds are neonicotinoid-free. Along with amazing plants, you also receive clean plants free of pesticides. Thanks, High Country Gardens!


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