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Important Information About Your Information Packet

An information packet has been assembled for every registered attendee and their guest if applicable. We did our best with names, but some in the guest category/groups may remain nameless until they fill in their name tags and a few did not register with last names. So be it.

For those booked at the Four Points Sheraton your information packet will be available for you when you check in. Please ask for your packet when you check in. If you are sharing a room or a party of 2 and the room is not booked under you name and we were not sure who was also in your party, your information packet may not be there. DO NOT PANIC!

Quite a few attendees have found other accommodations and are not staying at the hotel. Information packets will also be given out to that group during the happy hours at Tressa’s on Thursday evening. Check Thursday’s schedule for more detail info on that event. If you don’t have a packet at the hotel it will be at Tressa’s. Ohm…..

Between 5pm and 7:30 on Thursday all the information packets will be at Tressa’s, not at the front desk of the hotel. If you are coming in late on Thursday and will not be at Tressa’s, I know there are a few, the remaining unclaimed information packets will be taken back to the front desk of the hotel after the event at Tressa’s.

The information packets contain: The Fling Itinerary Walking guide and map for extra curricular garden touring in the downtown area A dining guide Local recommendations for dining. Map of Asheville downtown and the larger city Map to the NC Arboretum

AND MOST IMPORTANT Your name tag and Saturday dinner entree choice with a number on it.

DO NOT LOSE your name tag and dinner choice card with the number on it. The entree choice card has been placed inside your name tag holder. This entree card should be placed on the table when you settle in for dinner to aid the cater waiters in serving dinner.

You will need your name tag to be identified as part of our group to be served at the Biltmore’s champagne toast. You will need your entree choice card for Saturday’s dinner. No changing your mind on dinner, no substitutions. The number on your entree card will be used for the drawing to give away all the door prize swag we have. And our sponsors have given us some very cool swag.

No entree card with a number on it, chances are good you will eat what you ordered for dinner on the registration form by process of elimination and being the last person served. No number. No door prize. No chance.


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