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Lazy S’s Farm Nursery: I’d like three of everything, please.

Every spring and fall I wait eagerly for my shipment from Lazy S’s Farm Nursery in Barboursville, Virginia. Gaps in my design or empty space in newly expanded borders are always filled with perennials from their massive online nursery. When the plants at the local nurseries are picked over or they’ve never heard of the specific cultivar I’ve decided I can’t live without, I head to Lazy S.

Lazy S’s Farms Nursery is sponsoring the garden at Casa Mariposa, one of the stops on the Fling tour. Many of the plants in this photo are from Lazy S.

How many plants does Lazy S feature in their expansive online nursery? A zillion. The plants are grown without growth inhibitors or neonicontinoid pesticides and can withstand the heat and humidity a Virginia summer dishes out. Unlike the vague write-ups often featured on plant tags, owners Pete and Debbie Scheuchenko give you the honest truth about what to expect from each plant. I spend as much time on their site just researching plants as I do shopping. The detailed plant descriptions tell you the country of origin and types of wildlife attracted or repelled, as well as necessary growers information.

North American natives such as purple coneflower, as well as ornamentals, are available at Lazy S.

Their plants arrive expertly packed, well rooted, and full of lush growth. Instead of paying expensive east coast garden center prices for small plants sold in giant pots, you’ll pay a fair price for a sturdy, pesticide-free plant with a sizable root ball. As the sponsor of the Casa Mariposa garden, bloggers at the Fling will be given a plant list of every plant in the garden purchased from Lazy S. Each plant will be marked with special decorative markers that correspond to a numbered list.


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