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The Mission District’s most recognizable namesake is the beautiful Mission Dolores, an architectural and cultural landmark. It’s really a beautiful building.

And its neighbor, Dolores Park, is another urban green space treasure that is well loved.

New playground area is great

You’ll want to save a walk to Dolores Park for after you’ve had a historically significant burrito at Taqueria La Cumbre. Walking out onto the sidewalk, stunned by the deliciousness you have just experienced, you will need a good walk to recover your equilibrium.

And, if you’re Helen, you will need to make room for locally made ice creams.

Bi-Rite Creamery is a required stop

Then, when balance has been regained, it’s time to blow your mind at Paxton Gate,

where all the cool things live.

The mission district is too large and vibrant to sum up, or to see in a brief visit. Walking around on Mission and Valencia Streets, however, will give visitors an idea of the vibe.

The BART stop at 16th Street will let you off at a busy, central location from which you can find your way to the spots mentioned above.


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