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Monrovia: Supporting Sponsor of the Madison Fling

Let’s hear it for another Bloom Level sponsor of the 2022 Fling: Monrovia!

Inspired by the beauty of plants, gardens, and landscapes everywhere, Harry E. Rosedale, Sr., founded Monrovia in 1926. Since then, the company has become a premier grower of shrubs, trees, edibles, perennials, and houseplants, growing more than 4,000 varieties. Monrovia collaborates with breeders around the world to introduce improved plant varieties to North America. Monrovia’s nursery locations in Oregon, California, Georgia, and Connecticut provide premium-quality plants helping gardeners Grow Beautifully™.

A selection of our top exclusive plants includes Seaside Serenade® Hydrangeas, Evolution™ Coneflower Series, Jurassic™ Fern Collection, Summerlasting™ Crape Myrtles, Grace N’ Grit™ Shrub Roses, Nitty Gritty™ Groundcover Roses, Bountiful™ Blueberry Collection and Craftsmen-grown Topiary, Peonies, Japanese Maples, and Camellias.

More information on Monrovia’s 2022 Distinctive Plants can be found here.

Find them online:

*** The Garden Bloggers Fling is a non-profit organization; we’d be nowhere without our generous sponsors! Please let them know how much they mean to us—big “thank-yous” to each and every one! ***


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