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More natural beauty in Moring Garden

At Austin Fling, we’ll visit landscape architect Tait Moring‘s 20-year-old home garden, a sanctuary on the edge of a wild canyon. A unique modern-rustic style, with structural and creative stonework, makes this largely native-plant garden stand out.

Tait says, “To embrace the native landscape, one of my long-term goals is to plant at least one of every native plant that is unique to the region. In a sense, my property has become a ‘test kitchen,’ a way to actively test the best conditions for specific plant species.”

As you explore, you’ll discover some wonderful surprises, including a rock wall that incorporates Tait’s childhood rock collection and treasures from his grandfather’s cattle ranch, a rare Texas madrone tree, and a vegetable garden of raised stone planters terraced along the edge of the canyon.

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