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Oregon nurseries…heaven on earth for plant lovers!

Oregon is nursery country, ranking 3rd in annual wholesale sales behind only California and Florida. You could spend a week here doing nothing but visiting retail nurseries and still not see them all. During the Fling we’re visiting three wonderful nurseries (Pomarius, Cistus and Joy Creek), however we’re also thrilled to announce that during the banquet dinner on Friday night we have a very special event planned for you, a Mini-Plant Nerd Night!

Plant Nerd Night is an eagerly awaited annual event here in Portland where six specialty nurseries assemble with a select group of plants which they present to the audience (complete with plant lust inducing descriptions and images) and then make available for sale. Since we couldn’t take you to Sebright Gardens, Dancing Oaks Nursery, and Gossler Farms they are coming to you! We’ve asked them to bring a group of plants targeted to different areas around the country, so everyone should find something fabulous they MUST take home with them. Worried about packing your new plant treasures? Be sure to read this post from Pam Penick. Also, when shopping at Cistus and Joy Creek remember they ship plants!

Of course those of you with extra time in Oregon might want to check out a few more nurseries, so we made you a list. In no way is it comprehensive (locals feel free to chime in with your fav) and rather than split out nurseries who actually grow their own stock vs. ones that resell (“garden centers”) they’re all lumped together for ease. Click on their names to learn more….

Garden Fever, 2014

Northeast Portland

Garden Fever (door prize contributor)

Thicket Outdoor Living, 2012

North Portland

Southeast Portland

Xera Plants and Contained Exuberance (only open Thur-Sun)

Portland Nursery, 2 locations (Fling sponsor and door prize contributor)

Xera Plants, 2014

Southwest Portland

Cornell Farms, 2012

Greater Portland Area

Sebright Gardens, 2013

Nurseries south of Portland

Northwest Garden Nursery (not open regular hours, must call ahead)

Dancing Oaks, 2012

North, Vancouver WA

Gossler Farms, 2014


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