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Philadelphia Area Fling 2023 - That's a wrap!

Enormous thanks to Karl Gercens of Longwood Gardens for hosting the Philadelphia Area Fling September 21-24 and putting together such an incredible lineup of gardens, events, and community for us in America’s Garden Capital! Around 100 garden bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and others sharing about gardening online spent 3.5 days touring private and public gardens outside of Philadelphia. Even Tropical Storm Ophelia couldn't keep us from smiling, as you can see in our group photo at Swarthmore College.

Philly-area Flingers in the rain. Photo: Jourdan Cole
Paula, Karl, and Cindy

If you joined us on the Fling this year, we'd love to read your blog posts about it. So would the tour’s garden owners, sponsors, and the gardening public. To help us find your posts as you publish over the weeks and months ahead, please share your links on our official Facebook page with hashtag #gbfling2023, and/or share the URL in the comments below. We'll try to keep this page updated with links as we receive them, with the latest at top.

Mike's Urban Garden: Swarthmore College

Mike's Urban Garden: The Gardens of Mill Fleurs

Mike's Urban Garden: Stoneleigh, A Natural Garden

Mike's Urban Garden: Owl Creek Farm

Mike's Urban Garden: Chanticleer

Mike's Urban Garden: Longwood Gardens

Down2Earth podcast: The Garden Bloggers Fling

The Impatient Gardener - YouTube: Bonsai Training

Dallas Garden Buzz: Chanticleer, A Pleasure Garden

My Northern Garden: 3 Tips for Better Bonsai

The Impatient Gardener YouTube: Touring AMAZING Gardens

Obsessed Midwest Gardener: Longwood Revisited

The Impatient Gardener: Wine & Weeds IN PERSON from Longwood

Dallas Garden Buzz: America’s Garden Capital

GardenDC Podcast Episode 167: Flinging with the Garden Tourist

Danger Garden: So many gardens...

The Paintbox Garden: A Visit to Longwood Gardens

We hope to see you at next year's Fling in Puget Sound, WA, July 18-21, 2024. Look for an announcement on that soon!


Jan Bujan
Jan Bujan
Oct 02, 2023

Even though I couldn’t make it this year, thanks to all of you for taking me along virtually! What a wonderful Fling!


Cydney Wade
Cydney Wade
Oct 01, 2023

Even through the Tropical Storm I would do it all again! Thank you for a great Fling!🌹


Elizabeth Stetenfeld
Elizabeth Stetenfeld
Oct 01, 2023

Thanks, Karl. It was an amazing Fling!

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