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Plant Me Green: Gorgeous Plants, Guaranteed!

I don’t know about you, but I wish life came with more guarantees. Instead, we are only guaranteed the one true constant in life: change and the roller coaster that goes with it. There’s enough uncertainty in life so I love finding a nursery that eases my concerns about the quality of their plants. Plant Me Green is an excellent online nursery specializing in trees and shrubs, especially pecan and fruit trees. They’re the only nursery I’ve seen carry the same ‘Althea Double Purple’ Rose of Sharon shrubs I bought locally 13 years ago.

This stunning drought tolerant shrub blooms all summer and is a magnet for hummingbirds and pollinators, especially butterflies.

Located in Florida, Plant Me Green sells large, well developed plants at prices much lower than those of many local nurseries. They carry 30 varieties of pecan trees, including numerous varieties available as bare root, as well as a wide selection of fruit trees.

‘Rose Creek’ abelia is another excellent, low maintenance shrub they sell that also grows in my garden.

Every potted plant they sell comes with a one year guarantee of health. According to their website:

Any order placed with PlantMeGreen may be cancelled prior to shipping from our warehouse. Once the plant is shipped, all sales are final. There are no refunds. This being said, customer satisfaction is still our goal. Every potted plant we sell is covered by a conditional one-time replacement guarantee. If your potted plant fails to survive the transplant process, we will replace it within one year from the date of purchase as long as its condition may be reasonably and fairly attributed to us.

All orders of $100 or higher qualify for free shipping. While Plant Me Green won’t guarantee perfect weather or world peace, they will guarantee a healthy plant grown by a dedicated staff and some of the best priced trees and shrubs around.


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