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Plant Sales To Cupcakes

Last Saturday was a most relaxing day, one of the few that I seem to be having of late. After a little Fling work, it started with a mostly native plant sale at the Asheville Botanical Garden where I purchased red and yellow trilliums, a Birdsfoot Violet and an Enkianthus campanulatus.

From there it was a nice stroll through the neighborhood in West Asheville for lunch with a friend and a visit to the fully awake garden of Christopher Mello.

Red is a dominant theme in the foliage. I saw a red leafed Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, Corylus Avellana Contorta in the garden. I was kind of shocked by that.

Some where in this patch of poppies there will be blue ones. Perhaps we will get to see them when the bloggers are here.

An artist tinkers with the notion of what a garden is.

Cristmianthus lightifolia were in full bloom.

There are always shovel ready projects to be attended to in the garden.

Red and blue create a certain demanding mood.

In the garden of Christopher Mello.

And what could be a better way to wrap up a most relaxing day than with a fresh homemade cupcake, Ash Velvet was my selection, with Lucy in the red dress at Short Street Cakes.

A wonderful sampling of Asheville awaits you in just three short weeks.


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