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Opening Night: Thursday, June 13

3:30pm to 4:30pm: Stop by our table in the Hyatt hotel lobby, located to the left of the reservation desk, to pick up your ID badge and your swag bag. Wear your badge every day; it is your ticket to board the bus. Buses load this night at 5:30 and return to the hotel at 8:20-8:30.

If you miss the pick-up window, contact Laura or Leigh at the reception and we’ll find a time after the reception to get you your things.

The swag bag will contain the tour routes and garden portraits; be sure to find them in the bag to take with you on the bus.

Daily departures and arrivals

Buses board at 8AM EACH morning.

Friday we expect to be back at the Hyatt between 4:35 and 5:15. (The variance is due to not knowing the traffic conditions on the return from Fort Collins.)

Saturday we plan to be back at the Hyatt about 7:15.

Sunday we’ll be back at the Hyatt at 8:20.

Weather forecast as of Tuesday 6/11

Attendance: 85


Thank you Hyatt Regency Denver for being a supportive partner to our group. They took into consideration a good number of reservations that were made outside of our block to count as credit to our account, so that we can meet our budget!


Pat Hayward Garden Open Tour

Keep in mind that this is an after-Fling option, and those signed up are on their own for transportation arrangements. If you signed up, but have changed your mind, please go back to the event and cancel.

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