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Save the date: Garden Bloggers Fling goes to Toronto

Among other Toronto Fling highlights, garden bloggers will celebrate at the Toronto Botanical Garden in June 2015

Will you be here when, for the first time, the Garden Bloggers Fling ventures beyond the U.S. borders? Yes, on June 5, 6 and 7, 2015 (with an optional day of Niagara gardens being planned for June 8), the Fling will convene in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That’s Canadian Zone 6 and USDA Zone 5, for those playing along at home. And we’re creating an exciting itinerary… just for you.

We begin our teasers as we will end our official 3-day get-together, with the location for our Fling dinner, the Toronto Botanical Garden. The TBG is truly rolling out the green carpet for us, and we’re thrilled to have their sponsorship as well as their breathtaking setting for our culminating event.

Polish up all your social media accounts (such as Twitter or Instagram), because they’ll come in handy, especially at the TBG. The official hashtag for this year’s Fling will be #GBFling15.

More details will unfold soon. We’re hoping to open our registration early, perhaps before the winter holidays. Warning, especially to Canadian newbies who haven’t yet “flung”: last year’s Fling in Portland sold out in one week. So, be ready, be steady… we’ll give you a heads-up before we say go!

The knot garden and a glimpse of the spiral mound

Euphorbia afire beside the perennial lawn

Baptisia and Amsonia in the Oudolf-designed entry garden

The terrace where we’ll enjoy our alfresco event. Other surprises, too. Stay tuned…


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