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Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: Local From the Ground Up

I am convinced a container is as capable as my garden beds of holding any plant I love provided the container is large enough. Every year I put this to the test by planting sweet potatoes, a space hogging tuber fond of long, hot summers, in containers on my patio. While this seems like a recipe for failure, it’s not.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange specializes in herbs, flowers, and vegetables that thrive in the southeast. Their Bunch Porto Rico sweet potatoes are designed for small spaces and fill my containers with enough spuds to mash into a casserole for Thanksgiving while spilling their foliage around my other pots, giving my container garden a lush, tropical feel. Specializing in organic and heirloom seeds and starts from their cooperatively run business, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is an excellent company with a reputation for integrity and responsibility. All of their seed is non-GMO and produced by local farmers.


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