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Spotlight on Sponsor: Spring Meadow Nursery and Proven Winners

We are so excited to partner with Spring Meadow Nursery and Proven Winners for the Austin Garden Bloggers Fling May 3-6.

From a small propagation nursery to one of the largest providers of proprietary plant materials in the country, the Proven Winners brand is synonymous with quality and consistency.

Nurseries large and small look to Spring Meadow Nursery to do their propagations and to bring new and exciting plants to garden bloggers and flingers across the country. Spring Meadow Nursery is the developer behind Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, one of the most recognized brands of flowering shrubs in North America.

A market leader, they offer more than 400 varieties in their catalog, 270 of which are marketed under the Proven Winners Color Choice brand, including Incrediball® Hydrangea, My Monet® Weigela, Little Henry® Itea and Wine & Roses® Weigela.

Their plants are ubiquitous, a testament to their quality and the consumer loyalty they enjoy throughout North America. As bloggers and gardeners, we are always looking for new and exciting plant selections that we can count on to perform. Their plant varieties are always on the cutting edge, as they work to achieve longer bloom times, multiple seasons of interest and improved disease resistance in all of their selections. And, let’s admit it, when their plants look good, we gardeners look good!

Growers, retailers, landscapers, gardeners, and garden bloggers know and trust Proven Winners to deliver the best.

Lo & Behold Purple Haze Buddleia

We thank them for their long-time support of the Garden Bloggers Fling and we thank them for their beautiful and high-quality plants. Visit Spring Meadow Nursery’s website and their Facebook page.


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