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The Hotel

The hotel of record where the buses will pick us up in the morning for our days activities is the Four Points Sheraton. It is located at 22 Woodfin St. in the left atrium of downtown Asheville, NC. It is walking distance to all that downtown Asheville has to offer. Here is a map. Feel free to go for a stroll and familiarize yourself with downtown.

We have reserved 50 rooms at the hotel for four nights, Thursday, May 17th to Sunday, May 20th under the assumption about half of you may want to share a room to cut costs and based on attendance numbers from the past two flings. More rooms at the group rate are available depending on when they are booked prior to the fling and the hotel’s overall booking percentage. The sooner we know the better chance of getting more rooms at the group rate.

We have our own booking page at The Four Points. It also has links to much more information about the hotel.

Ignore the dates on our booking page. Shoulder dates were added to our requested nights and planned touring days for those who may want to come early or stay late and still enjoy the garden bloggers group rate.

That is downtown Asheville, NC, the famous “Cesspool of Sin” right outside the lobby of the Four Points Sheraton. Pleasure awaits.

If any important questions arise about the hotel accommodations this page will be updated.


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