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Things To Pack and What To Wear

Minneapolis is TWO WEEKS away!! Say what?!?

A few people have asked what they should plan to bring for their trip to Minneapolis, and what to wear. Here’s a list of ideas for you…

Things to Pack:

  1. Camera!

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Hat

  4. Extra camera batteries and memory card

  5. Phone and camera chargers

  6. An umbrella to protect your camera in case of rain.

  7. Sunglasses

  8. Your name tag and buttons if you’ve been to the Fling before (don’t worry newbies, we’ve got you covered!)

  9. Business cards

Make sure to leave lots of extra space in your suitcase for your swag!! (Your swag will come in a bag, so you can use that as an extra carry on if you need to. 🙂 )

What to Wear:

Wear comfy clothes during the day for the garden tours. If you feel like dressing up for dinner, then bring a change of clothes for each night. (But do note that we won’t be returning back to the hotel before our banquet dinner on Saturday night)

Minnesota’s weather can be very unpredictable! Although we don’t expect it will get down below zero during the Fling (ok… that was a joke!), it can get cool in the evenings. Daytime temps can range anywhere from the 70s… all the way on up to the low 100’s and humid (yuck, hopefully that won’t happen during the Fling!). I highly recommend that you wait until the week of the Fling to check the weather report and decide what to pack… and then check it again the day before you come because the weather report can change on a dime. No joke.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the A/C tends to be cranked up pretty high at most places in MN (I guess Minnesotans really DO like it cold!). Our Thursday night event will be indoors, as will our banquet dinner on Saturday night. So, make sure you bring a sweater or light jacket to take with you to these events, and also when you go out to restaurants.

Also, we will be doing LOTS of walking during the Fling, so make sure you bring comfy shoes! We’ll be walking through gardens after all – and over lawns, up and down hills, and through the streets of downtown Minneapolis….etc. Plan accordingly.

Here’s the tentative itinerary in case you missed it… Minneapolis Fling Itinerary Preview


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