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Welcome To The Cesspool Of Sin

(UPDATE April 30th) Well Crap!! The poll for ordering Cesspool T-shirts broke and lost its count. If you ordered a shirt you will need to reorder. Don’t use the poll. Order by a comment with size and numbers. Sorry. Get your order in by Monday May 7th. I have to call to have them printed and ready to pick up.

Like I need another project to keep me busy. But I couldn’t let you miss out on the chance to get your very own local made Asheville memorabilia. Want one? Or ten?

I can take a pre-order and have them printed and ready for pickup upon your arrival in fantabulous Ashevegas.

The T-shirts are $15 each. He said cash. I didn’t ask about tax. Will inquire. They come in sizes small to XXL, just plain sizes, no women’s T’s per se.

Don’t send any money. You can pay when you get here. No credit cards. This deal may need a little fine tuning yet with me as the middle man, but I wanted to see if there was any interest.

The poll below will let you select multiple answers. If you need more than one of a size answer the poll that many times. I hope it lets you do that. Consider this the Beta version.

(No it won’t let you vote more than once. The all knowing Google is too smart for that. If you want more than one of a size, vote, then leave a comment with how many more you want minus your votes.)

Cesspool T-Shirt


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