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Who’s Attending the Madison Fling?

Will you be part of the fun at the Madison Garden Bloggers Fling, June 23-26, 2022? If your name is on this list, you will! If it’s not, we’d love to have you join us!

Here are the people who’ve signed up so far for our event, which includes three full days of garden touring and an opening reception in the “Mad City.” We’re happy to announce that many new Flingers will be joining us this year, and they are noted with asterisks (*). If you’re new, you’re part of a great group. If you’re a veteran Flinger, please welcome our new friends. We’ll continue to update this list until the Fling. Names and handles will appear here when registrations are completed. (Please email us at if you see an error in your name or your blog/vlog/podcast/Instagram handle or link…OR if you think you should be listed here and you are not.)

BONUS: To learn more about our attendees, please visit our Who’s Who at the Fling page.


David Stocker – Rock Rose Jennifer Stocker – Rock Rose


Maya Bartolf – Flowers & Grapes

John Valentino – John & Bob’s Corporation

COLORADO Idelle Fisher – Good Environmental News Blog and Sandia Seed

Donna Waters – Sun&Snow DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Shari Wilson – Nuts for Natives GEORGIA Connie Cottingham* – Garden Travel Experiences

ILLINOIS Rachel Balk* – Small Boots Gardening

Natasha Nicholes* – We Sow We Grow

MARYLAND Kathy Jentz – Washington Gardener and Cats in Gardens Teri Speight – Cottage in the Court

MICHIGAN Natalie Carmolli – Through the Greenhouse Glass Stefanie Gilmour – See Jane Dig

MINNESOTA Kathleen Hennessy – 29MinuteGardener

NEW YORK Elizabeth Licata – Garden Rant Kathy Purdy – Cold Climate Gardening NORTH CAROLINA Lisa Wagner – Natural Gardening and Places of the Spirit (part-time in Quebec) OHIO Kylee Baumle – Our Little Acre OREGON Jane Finch-Howell – MulchMaid Kevin Gepford – The Fuchsietum Theo Margelony – The Fuchsietum PENNSYLVANIA Karl Gercens* – Longwood Gardens Blog SOUTH CAROLINA Janet Ledebuhr – The Queen of Seaford TENNESSEE Kim Halyak – Cooper-Young Garden Club

Sharron Johnson* – Cooper-Young Garden Club

Barbara Wise – B Wise Gardening and Crescent Garden TEXAS Vicki Blachman – Playin’ Outside Lori Daul – The Gardener of Good and Evil Caroline Homer – The Shovel-Ready Garden Cat Jones – The Whimsical Gardener Diana Kirby – Sharing Nature’s Garden

Jean McWeeney – Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog

Pam Penick – Digging

Laura Wills – Wills Family Acres WASHINGTON

Camille Paulsen* – Tahomaflora

WISCONSIN Mark Dwyer* – Landscape Prescriptions by MD (Planning Committee)

Amy Free* – Create Ecology Sheri Kaz* – My Garden Zone

Ann Munson* – Moorgardens

Megan Speckmann* – Far Out Flora

Beth Stetenfeld – PlantPostings (Planning Committee)

Chan M. Stroman* – Bookish Gardener Anneliese Valdes – Cobrahead Blog (Planning Committee)

Judy Valdes* – Cobrahead Blog

Noel Valdes* – Cobrahead Blog

Andy Young* – Cobrahead Blog

Danniel Ward-Packard* – Botanica CANADA Margaret Mishra – The Gardening Me (Ontario)

Lisa Wagner – Natural Gardening and Places of the Spirit (Quebec and part-time in North Carolina)

* denotes new attendee

Visit this link to register for the Madison Fling!


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