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You Have Been Very Patient

Thank you so very much. Here’s a little update.

Our planning team has the schedule of gardens, arboretums, estates and nurseries we will visit pretty well set. Lunches and one group dinner are lined up. Social hours with libations are in the mix. We’ll even be having fresh homemade ice cream. Buses will take us to all the events scheduled each day. Times will be set aside for blogger talk. Short side events off schedule may be available with a courtesy RSVP to the host to gauge attendance.

Now we add up the costs, divide by the estimated number of attendees and seek out sponsors who may like to contribute.

Once we have a pretty solid idea of the costs a registration form will be posted for you to fill out, officially sign up to attend and send in the money. That should be coming before the end of January. One fee will cover all group costs. I feel very confident that the group cost will come in below $125 per person for all three days of planned events.

At the same time we will be posting each days itinerary to give you a better idea of what to expect and if you need to make any adjustments depending on your individual arrival or departure time. For early arrivals and folks who linger we will have a list of walkable from the hotel and other garden sites to visit in the Asheville area that we just couldn’t stuff into an already full day. I want you all to have a little breathing room each day and not over do it.

Hotel rooms can be booked now. Click on hotel in the top link bar to access that post and a link to the hotel reservations is there. We have reserved 50 rooms for the group thinking some of you would like to share rooms to cut costs. Ninety days before our dates in May I will have the option to reduce or claim more rooms. The sooner you book the better so I know which way to direct the hotel.

Now back to planning Asheville Fling 2012.


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