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2023 Philadelphia Area Fling hotel is announced!

(Updated 11pm EST) The Fling hotel link is released! We can't wait to have you in America's Garden Capital this September. We've had the mildest winter I can recall and spring is bursting at the seams right now. I hope you're enjoying your garden as much as I am mine! Here's a little fine print that I've outlined in the order you to follow step-by-step for ease. Get a piece of paper and follow along, but I'm sure we'll have questions which I'm happy to answer!

Your best rate is the discounted prepaid rate with AAA ($38 membership saves you up to $20 PER NIGHT) or Hilton Honors (sign up is free). The prepaid rate is $206 currently and doesn't allow for cancelation whereas the flexible $226 rate does let you cancel up to 48 hours before. The hotel has historically SOLD OUT at $250 per night by July and discounted rates will dwindle as the season progresses so book something now.

2.The Fling busses will pickup at the Embassy Suites, by Hilton at the Philadelphia airport at noon on September 21. Be sure your flight arrives by 10am on Thursday, September 21 so you can catch the complementary hotel shuttle to the Embassy Suites, Philadelphia airport. If your flight can't get in that early, then plan to arrive the night before at relax for a few hours in the Embassy Suites, by Hilton Philadelphia Airport until The Fling busses depart. There is an onsite restaurant you can grab lunch before the day begins. Current AAA & Hilton Honors prepaid rates are $169 (non-refundable). I can get a flexible group rate for $189 at the Embassy Suites, but I have to know the exact number of rooms or else The Fling has to pay for the unused rooms. This is their busiest day of the week! Remember that your best rate is the prepaid AAA & Hilton Honors rate anyway.

3. If you're driving to The Fling then we'll meet you at Longwood Gardens at 1pm. We're currently scheduling two guided tours of areas you won't see as a casual guest (our chrysanthemum production facility & the new conservatory construction (tbd). In September, I'll need an email sent to with subject line FLING only if you're planning to drive so you know where to meet. If you arrive at Longwood Gardens after 1pm then you'll miss at least one of the tours, but the rest of the garden will keep you entertained until our evening gathering.

We're going to have an incredible time and I am so very excited to have you join us for this event! We have 80 people confirmed for the event and I expect the full 100 spots to be filled soon!

All the best for a happy spring and feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!

Karl Gercens

2023 Fling coordinator


Mar 20, 2023

I have two Queens booked. Looking for a roommate.

Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

Found a roommate! 😄

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