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American Beauties: The Local Source for Native Plants

Occasionally patience is overrated and I grow tired of waiting. Sometimes I just want what I want and I want it now. When what I want is a certain type of plant and the weather gods are feeling kind, instead of cruising my favorite online sources I head straight to my local garden center and their table packed with native plants from American Beauties. Available locally and online, plants from American Beauties are the easiest and fastest way to add tough native plants to your garden.

Rudbeckia in the native plant garden of Gail Eichelberger.

Rudbeckia is one of the many plants sold by American Beauties.

Native plants such as the purple coneflowers and Joe Pye Weed featured in this photo are powerful pollinator magnets. American Beauties plants are robust and well rooted. At the end of many work days, I head to my local garden center before heading home to find the perfect plants to add to my ever-evolving garden. Natives from American Beauties are always my first choice.

Committed to the protection of our fragile environment, American Beauties is a generous guardian of the pollinators we depend on and recently donated $5,000 to Pollinator Partnership to support their efforts. Adding plants to your garden such as the mountain mint (pycnanthemum muticum) featured above, which is widely available from American Beauties, is an excellent way to attract and sustain pollinators.


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