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Barton Springs Nursery: Supporting sponsor of Austin Fling & native plant supplier

Do you listen to your heart cart? I do, and it’s always saying, “Fill me up!” when I’m at Barton Springs Nursery. Barton Springs Nursery specializes in native Texas plants that can handle our challenging climate. Unlike most nurseries, Barton Springs grows many of the plants they sell, which means their plants are Texas tough AND the nursery can offer them in smaller — i.e., more affordable — pot sizes. That gives you permission (as if you needed it) to load up your cart with even more plants.

The plants are grown at their wholesale location — the farm — which is perhaps best known for its extensive rows of beautiful, blue-green Yucca rostrata. You’ll see that this shimmering Koosh ball of a plant is popular in Austin when you’re here for the Fling.

Barton Springs Nursery makes sure that their sales staff has a love for gardening and a love for Texas plants. They’ll never just say, “Uhhh, I don’t know,” in answer to a question. They know the plants they sell. Also, the plants are clearly labeled with the common name, botanical name, mature size, and a descriptive paragraph of growing information that reads like it was written by your green-thumbed best friend.

Inside a bungalow that houses the gift shop, you’ll find charming and unique gift items, tools, seeds, bulbs, and more. Throughout the nursery, you’ll find beautiful pottery and garden art. They also carry a full line of organic products for the garden.

And hey, it’s a fun-loving, pun-loving place too. Their green nursery carts sport handwritten word-plays like “Total Eclipse of the Cart” and “Carte Diem!” I always pause over the cart selection and pick the pun that best suits my mood.

We’re proud to be partnering with Barton Springs Nursery, and we thank them for their support!

Barton Springs Nursery Visit:

3601 Bee Cave Rd. Austin, TX 78746

Call: 512-328-6655

Store hours:

Mon-Sat 9 am to 6 pm Sun 10 am to 6 pm

Find us online:

Barton Springs Nursery Wholesale has a Facebook page too!


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