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Botanical Interests: Seeds of Happiness

There is something about functional beauty I find irresistible. Maybe it’s the idea of finding or creating beauty in that which doesn’t have to be beautiful. It’s a reminder in a world full of images both tragic and disturbing that the smallest things can be simple works of art. Some of the first seeds I grew came from Botanical Interests seed packets so pretty I’d stopped to enjoy the tiny paintings on the cover before deciding to buy them.

Started by Curtis Jones and Judy Seaborn in 1995, Botanical Interests has grown from a tiny company based out of their living room to one of the most trusted sources of seed in the US. Offering over 600 varieties of seed, all seeds from Botanical Interests are non-GMO and untreated with pesticides.

In addition to being beautiful, the seed packets from Botanical Interests are packed with useful, realistic information to help you germinate and grow your seeds successfully. Filled with high quality seed grown in the US, they offer us the chance to create our own works of art through gardening, whether it’s a few flower seeds scattered in an empty pot or a field full of vegetables. We all need more beauty and happiness right now. Why not start with some seeds?

Annual rudbeckia hirta gently self-seeds in my garden. The pots in the background contain zinnias grown from Botanical Interests seeds.

Persian Carpet zinnias


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