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Denver Fling sponsor and garden preview

Another one of our top-level sponsors:

John and Bob’s soil products are formulated to mimic how natural ecosystems build healthy, productive soil. A natural ecosystem is rarely challenged by pests or disease and it does not require fertilizer. Rich soil is the key to the long term health and reliable beauty of a natural ecosystem. John and Bob’s feeds beneficial soil organisms with its unique blend of organic compounds, minerals and microbes. Our formulations use the same strategy that benefits self-sustaining plant communities all over the world.

The John and Bob’s four product system of Optimize, Maximize, Nourish-Biosol and Penetrate, provides you with nature’s most powerful natural ingredients to infuse your soil with life. It’s the easy, effective and organic way to make your soil healthy.

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2019 Fling Preview

A Lauren Springer garden

The Scripter’s garden, designed by Lauren Springer, was described in our January 18 post as the perfect place for a relaxing glass of wine while watching the sunset. That could not be “more true”!

The design of the garden mimics the surrounding landscape and includes 13 various species of grasses including little blue stem, switch grass, and tufted hair grass.

It backs to a huge open space of prairie meadow and farmland.

It is important to note that although Springer designed the garden, the Scripters planted 3,300 plants over two growing seasons with their own hands!


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