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Denver Fling sponsor Botanical Interests and garden preview

Meet another top-level sponsor:

Botanical Interests, Inc.

Botanical Interests is a family-owned garden seed company, since 1995 offering over 600 varieties, including organics and heirlooms, that are specifically chosen to perform for home gardeners. What really sets us apart is the design of our seed packets that include beautiful illustrations, and not only extensive, helpful, horticultural information, but also other interesting information like the history of the plant, recipes, and tips like how to keep your cut flowers and harvested vegetables fresh. Utilizing the inside of the packet allows us more room to add all the other information that we know gardeners want and appreciate.

Our seed can be found in over 4,000 garden centers, specialty food stores, and hardware stores across the U.S. We pride ourselves on excellent and prompt customer service.

All of our seed is untreated, and we are proud to be one of the first seed companies to be Non-GMO ProjectVerified!

Customer Service (Individual Consumer): 877-821-4340 (M–F, 8:00 AM–4:00 PM, MST.)

Customer Service (Wholesale): 800-486-2647 (7:30 AM–5:00 PM, MST.)

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Preview of Fling tour gardens

A fabulous stone wall in a Boulder garden

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Jim Borland of Denver planted his xeriscape using no watering system, no soil amendments, and no mulch. He started in 1996 with 1,500 seed packets of previously collected wild seed sowed to 1,500 pots.

The first 10,000 plants in the initial planting were watered overhead for establishment.

Subsequent plantings were planted in late winter with no water applied then, or since.

He has not applied any water in years!

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After-Fling Garden Tour: Pat Hayward

Pat’s garden will be open to Fling attendees on Monday, June 17.

Pat and Joel’s home is by the foothills of southwest Fort Collins against open spaces with great views


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