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Denver Fling sponsors and Boulder wildscape garden

Sponsors — making it possible, and FUN!

Got plants, need tools? Got tools need plants?

CobraHead “The best tool in earth!” Rugged, versatile, and easy to use. Top-quality and great selection. Oakes Daylilies Varieties that will perform well for you. Bigger plants, for more blooms quicker, freshly dug and shipped right away. Plant Development Services (Encore Azalea, Southern Living Plant Collection, Sunset Western Garden Collection) Innovative plants selected for their ability to solve specific landscape challenges. Top-performing plants with more blooms, more often!

We’ll be seeing some of these great tools and fab plants at our (FREE) raffle.

YOU could be a lucky winner!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And now, an award-winning yard on our Fling tour.

Habitat Hero, a project of the Audubon Rockies, Plant Select and High Country Gardens, honored this Boulder yard that was transformed into a Habitat Hero wildscape.

Before: Does this look like a challenge, or what?

After: Transformation!

Lots of blooming perennials to supply pollen and nectar for hungry, busy pollinators,

and eye-candy for us humans.

Flowers, vines, grasses

And water to quench their thirsts

You can’t go wrong with zinnias to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and many more

beneficial and delightful critters.


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