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Elizabeth Licata/GardenRant: Supporting Sponsor of the Madison Fling

Our thanks goes out to Elizabeth Licata and GardenRant, another bloom-level sponsor! Since 2006, The Rant’s writing team of horticulturists, authors, nursery owners, columnists, ecologists, speakers, and activists have provided an interactive, thought-provoking platform that tackles all aspects of the gardening industry. It engages professional and amateur gardener-readers from all over the world.

Many voices, many opinions, many subjects. The group’s manifesto: “We are convinced that gardening matters. Bored with perfect magazine gardens; in love with real, rambling, chaotic, dirty, bug-ridden gardens. Turned off by any activities that involve ‘landscaping’ with ‘plant materials.’ Appalled by the chemical warfare in the garden. Flabbergasted at the idea of a ‘no-maintenance garden.’ Delighted by people with a passion for plants. Gardening our asses off. Having a hell of a lot of fun.”

Besides Elizabeth, Garden Rant is written by Scott Beuerlein, Allen Bush, Susan Harris, Anne Wareham, Marianne Willburn, and many guest posters.

Find them online: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

*** The Garden Bloggers Fling is a non-profit organization; we’d be nowhere without our generous sponsors! Please let them know how much they mean to us—big “thank-yous” to each and every one! ***


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