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Encore Azaleas: Superior Plants for Sunny Gardens

Have you ever looked at a plant and thought, “Why can’t you just grow in the _____________? Now fill in the blank with whatever light and soil condition you have that the plant hates. Thanks to Encore, azaleas, long staples of shady, warm southern gardens are now available for cold, sunny spots up to zone 6. Encore azaleas are available in 31 reblooming varieties and unlike any other azalea in the world, need 4-6 hours of sun or high filtered shade to thrive. How cool is that?!

‘Autumn Fire’ azaleas rebloom throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Evergreen Encore azaleas bloom in early spring but continue to bloom throughout summer and fall and can be found in botanical gardens throughout the United States, including the US National Arboretum in Washington DC.

‘Autumn Sunburst’ azalea

For a gallery of their 31 different varieties and to find a retailer near you, check out their informative website. How can you resist?!


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