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Epic Systems Campus: Whimsical, Anomalous, and Beautiful

One of the more unique destinations on our itinerary for the Madison Fling is a visit to the Epic Systems campus, near the suburb of Verona, on Friday, June 24. Epic is one of the healthcare industry’s leading information technology companies, serving many of the world’s largest hospitals and healthcare systems. One in two Americans is covered by a hospital that uses Epic Systems to run its software, and Epic is the second-largest employer in the Madison metro area.

But aside from being a big company with a big campus, it’s also a whimsical place—inside and out. We won’t be going inside during our visit, but we’re thrilled to be able to tour the incredible outdoor gardens, led by Jeff Epping, one of the property’s lead landscape designers.

Jeff is a proponent of gravel gardens, and his influence is on display at the Epic grounds, along with unique sculptures and succulent and drought-tolerant plants. That’s just the start of it, though.

The buildings on the campus range from a castle to a tree house to a large barn. Signage directs you to the fanciful destinations.

While varied and playful in many areas of the property, the gardens are actually quite beautiful, too—there’s something for every gardener here. It’s like a playground of garden types and styles. Last but not least are the are the amazing prairie/savanna views of the surrounding countryside. You won’t want to miss it; truly a one-of-a-kind destination.


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