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Fling Preview: JJ De Sousa

Our garden has two distinct personalities with one common goal. One personality is lush, soft and shady while the second personality is hot, dry and spiky. Both serve to expand indoor living space into outdoor areas with a focus on entertaining.

The shady front garden is a space to get out of the sun and appreciate the lush plantings including grasses, hydrangeas, gunnera, bletilla, hellebores, conifers and a collection of 30-plus varieties of hostas.

The back garden is a place to soak up the sun in an architectural space featuring a collection of over 40 varieties of agave and cactus and a small orchard of olive trees. Entertaining spaces include a courtyard with a fireplace, numerous dining areas and an outdoor living room with emphasis on beautiful, colorful furniture, outdoor textiles and great lighting for the evening.

Our garden is truly unique and we are excited to share it!

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