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Fling Preview: Portland Japanese Garden




The Memory of Autumn

gravel garden

vertical maple with scattered leaves

entry in the fog

steps v  2911

gravel garden h


· In order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere within the Garden for all of our visitors, we ask that you please keep your voices low.

· We do not allow the usage of cellphones for anything other than photography within the Garden. We ask that visitors turn their phones off, or to silent, and refrain from talking on them or texting while inside the Garden walls.

· If any participants will be using tripods for their cameras, please be sure they are kept on the pathway at all times (please do not place on moss, grass, or other plant material for any reason), but also be sure that they do not block pathways so that other visitors may easily move around you. We will waive the normal $5 tripod fee for your group. For more on our photo policies, please visit this link:

· Please stay on pathways (pavement, gravel, stepping stones, deck, etc.) at all times. Please do not step on grass, moss, or any other plant material.

· There is no eating or drinking allowed in the Garden. Please leave snacks behind. Smoking is not allowed within the Garden, or in the area outside the Gate. We have a smoking area available near staff parking if needed.

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