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Garden Design Magazine: Supporting sponsor of Austin Fling

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Garden Design magazine for the 2018 Austin Fling! Garden Design is about plants, gardens, and the people who make gardens. Re-imagined in 2014, the magazine has two to three times as much content as the previous rendition because there are no ads and more pages (148). Each quarterly issue is more like a book-a-zine than a magazine and worthy of saving on your gardening bookshelf. Going ad-free and beefing up the content allows the editorial staff to do a number of things that readers said they wanted, says publisher Jim Peterson. “For one, since there are no ads, every article is uninterrupted,” he says. “The magazine has a cleaner look that lets the photography and stories speak for themselves. We also have broader coverage of topics around the country because there is now space to cover a more geographically diverse set of gardens, plants, and design stories.”

Photo courtesy of Garden Design

I’m a longtime subscriber to Garden Design, and the magazine is better than ever under editor-in-chief Thad Orr’s direction. There’s a lot to love about it, including the ad-free content, in-depth articles, gorgeous photography, and (especially important to me) coverage of all regions of the country, not just the lush and temperate coastal zones. And that’s just the magazine itself. Garden Design‘s website is chock-full of added content, including virtual garden tours organized by region, articles about plants, design inspiration, and more.

If you love gardens and you don’t already subscribe, you really should! And it makes a great gift for the garden geeks, plant lovers, and design enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list. Here’s where to subscribe, and here’s how to order a gift subscription. Also, all available back issues are offered online too, if you need to complete your collection.

Garden Design publisher Jim Peterson (center) at the Portland Fling in 2014

As publisher, Jim has been a longtime supporter of Garden Bloggers Fling and is a regular attendee himself. So if you’d like to meet the publisher of the one and only Garden Design, that’s one more reason to attend! He regularly talks with bloggers around the country to get their perspectives and adds, “We love to do contests and giveaways in coordination with bloggers, so give us a call, and let’s work together.”

Garden Design Magazine

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