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Garden Design: The Ultimate Gardening Resource

I stand staring at the stack of magazines in my living room, dividing them into piles of Keep and Toss. Many will be thrown into the Free Bin outside the used book store while others, such as Garden Design, will be carefully organized and kept. To say all gardening magazines are the same would be like comparing a drive through burger to the finest farm fresh steak. There is no garden magazine finer than Garden Design, a thick 148 page ad-free plate of gardening delicousness.

Packed with in-depth stories often ranging from 8 to 20 pages in length, Garden Design gives you a behind the scenes look at topics relevant to gardeners passionate about the art of horticulture. Delivered quarterly, Garden Design is more like a beautiful book than a magazine. Packed with stunning photography, Garden Design shares stories and photos of gardens from around the world as well as profiles of the people behind the gardens.

The Winter 2017 issue featured expert advice on creating a stunning garden during the dormant season. Photo by Richard Bloom

Garden design also features informative how-to articles from leading experts and useful information applicable to every gardener on topics such as designing with plants, landscape design, kitchen gardens, container gardens, etc. To get a free issue, call 855-624-5110 (PST) or visit their website.


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