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Garden Trends: Expertise and Experience

I love discovering a new company, especially when they turn out to be as awesome as they advertise. Garden Trends, a division of Harris Seeds, isn’t new at all. They were only new to me. I discovered Harris Seeds and Garden Trends when searching for purple gomphrena seeds. A mainstay of my summer garden, purple gomphrena attracts pollinators and looks cool doing it. A bright purple flower that looks like it was plucked from an Andy Warhol painting? Yes, please!

Harris Seeds was the first company over a century ago to test and label seed packages for germination rates. My seeds arrived in a heat sealed package and sprouted much quicker than the other types of gomphrena I grew. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt so there is still time to order your favorite summer seeds. In addition to vegetable and flower seeds, Garden Trends sells plants, trees, organic seeds, mushroom kits, bulbs, and garden supplies.

Their garden blog, Garden Digs, and their comprehensive resource library are an excellent source of current trends as well as time tested information. Garden Trends is a garden company staffed by real gardeners and I’ll be purchasing their seeds every year.


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