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Hortus TV: Supporting Sponsor of Austin Fling

We are very excited to have HortusTV as a sponsor of the Austin Fling! They were also sponsors of last year’s fling in DC, where I was lucky enough to win one of the year-long memberships at the raffle.

HortusTV is a streaming service that is all about gardening. For a minimal monthly fee you can find hundreds of hours of quality content ranging from formal gardens, to edibles to feel-good, tear-jerkers. The folks at HortusTV are constantly adding new series and episodes to whet your appetite.

This winter has been brutal here in Austin, as in many parts of the country. Although it is usually a bit cold December-February, there are usually plenty of nice-enough days to get outside and garden. Lately, I have found these days few and far between, and cabin fever has started to set in. I’m learning that the solution is to plot and plan for spring and HortusTV has been a big help.

One of my favorite series is “Garden Rescue”. In this entertaining show, two different designers, the Rich Brothers and Charlie Demmick are pitted against each other. The client must choose a design, and both the winner and loser work together to bring the winner’s design to fruition. One aspect of the show that I really like is no drama, just design. The winner and loser work (mostly) happily together and the winner often encompasses some of the loser’s ideas as well.

HortusTV offers a free trial subscription, so what are you waiting for?

Liza will also be joining us on the Fling this year as well!



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