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J. Berry: Supporting Sponsor of the Madison Fling

J. Berry – Discovering & Delivering Great Plants

During the past 16 years, J. Berry has expanded by leaps and bounds. In addition to the finished wholesale nursery business, the company now includes online sales directly on their website, and a J. Berry Genetics division. All areas of the nursery are focused on bringing innovation to the market and providing infinite possibilities to consumers via superior packaging and the marketing of plants that exceed performance expectations. The company’s unique multi-pronged position as a breeder, nursery, and small plant producer, ensures that only top-quality plants join the J. Berry product offerings.

J. Berry is the owner and introducer of exciting consumer plant brands including Black Diamond®, the tropical Hollywood™ Hibiscus collection, and Season to Season. J. Berry Nursery was founded in 2006 by father and son, Jim and Jonathan Berry.

J. Berry Nursery-

Black Diamond Crapemyrtles-

*** The Garden Bloggers Fling is a non-profit organization; we’d be nowhere without our generous sponsors! Please let them know how much they mean to us—big “thank-yous” to each and every one! ***


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