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Let’s Fling in Austin, Texas, in 2018!

Austin Garden Bloggers Fling

May 3-6, 2018

Austin, Texas

Next spring, Garden Bloggers Fling heads back to where it all began in 2008, the beautiful city of Austin, Texas! Home to absurdly large numbers of garden bloggers, taco joints, live music venues, and the largest urban bat colony in North America, Austin is rolling out the welcome mat and spiffing its best gardens for YOU.

Garden bloggers, you’re invited to join us for 3 full days of garden touring plus a fun kickoff happy hour on the afternoon of May 3rd. We’ve got a lot of cool gardens lined up and exciting events planned, including a little live music! And tacos, of course.

We’ll have approximately 90 spots available (click here for eligibility guidelines), and we expect to open registration in November. More details on all that plus the registration cost will be coming soon, so stay tuned. All announcements will be posted on this blog and our official Fling Facebook page. Over the next several weeks we’ll be sharing fun details about Austin, the gardens we’ll be touring, special events we’re planning, meals, and more. We hope to see you next May in our hometown!

Until then, turn up the volume and enjoy our sneak-peek video of the 2018 Austin Fling. Oh, and feel free to grab the Austin Fling button (top of this post) to put in your sidebar and share with your readers!

Austin Fling Planning Committee

Diana Kirby (lead planner) – Sharing Nature’s Garden

Pam Penick – Digging

Laura Wills – Wills Family Acres


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