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Fling attendees have a full itinerary for their weekend in San Francisco. Tote bags full of surprises await, as well as a city full of desirable items.

Those flingers who will be staying longer than the weekend will have opportunities to mail home their accumulated loot; those here for just the weekend will have to tote home their tote bags themselves.

The downtown post office branch near the hotel is open Monday through Friday:

150 Sutter St San Francisco, CA

The downtown UPS office is also open Monday through Friday:

588 Sutter St San Francisco, CA

There is also a tiny post office in the basement of Macys department store on Union Square, whose existence is Brigadoon-like, and not know by many people. Legend says it’s open on the weekend.

Macy’s 170 O’Farrell St San Francisco, CA

Pack some room in your luggage!

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