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Minneapolis Fling Preview: Cactus in Minnesota?

Prickly pear in bloom in the Shannon garden.

Believe it or not, Minnesota has a native cactus. The plains prickly pear, which sprouts a pretty, bright yellow flower in mid-summer, is native to our northern climate. Garden bloggers may get a chance to see this northern cactus in bloom at the garden of Lee and Jerry Shannon in St. Paul, which we will visit on Sunday, July 17.

The Shannons’ L-shaped lot includes formal spaces, a conifer collection and a rock garden.

The Shannons’ garden is tucked behind their house in the Highland Park neighborhood in St. Paul. From the front, the yard seems to be a standard city lot. But when you walk behind the house, a two-thirds of an acre oasis emerges. The Shannons’ lot is shaped like an L with secret passages to walk along, a large raised rock garden and impeccably cared for perennials, annuals and shrubs.

The Shannon garden covers two-thirds of an acre, lushly planted.

The garden was named one of the five best gardens in Minnesota by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2011, and we think you will agree this is a hidden gem, even with its prickly elements. There are still spots open for the Minneapolis Fling, click here to register today! We hope you will join us!


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