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Minneapolis Fling: So Much to Write About…

The 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling is over, and the tired but exhilirated bloggers have gone home to sort through hundreds (thousands?) of images and digest all that they have seen and learned about northern gardens. We’ll be sharing their posts here. For real-time information about the Fling, check out our Garden Bloggers Fling Facebook page or look on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #gbFling2016. (The photos will blow you away!)

The Fling was organized by Amy Andrychowicz, Kathleen Hennessey and Mary Lahr Schier. You can check out our itinerary, our terrific sponsors, and more information about gardening in the North on this blog. Now, on to the posts!


  1. Highlights of the Minneapolis Fling by Garden in a City

  2. Gorgeous Gardens Dominate 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling in Minneapolis by Sharing Nature’s Garden

  3. Fling, Flang, Flung by Woodchuck Acres

  4. Busy Flower Visitors on Swamp Milkweed by Natural Gardening

  5. Some Fling’s Up at the Casa by Casa Mariposa

  6. Minneapolis’ Courthouse Plaza by Toronto Gardens

  7. Garden Bloggers Unite! by American Meadows

  8. Minneapolis Water Features Great and Small by Commonweeder

  9. Garden Bloggers Fling 2016 by Nature Hills Nursery

  10. Scenes from the Minneapolis Fling by Digging

  11. Why Garden Hats Matter by Notes from Northern Gardener

  12. Come Sit with Me in these Gardens by Toronto Gardens

  13. Color FULL Small Gardens by More Than Oregano

FRIDAY, July 15

  1. Creating a Focal Point at Hearts and Ivy by Toronto Gardens

  2. Cor-ten Beauty in Rhonda Fleming Hayes’ Potager Garden by Digging

  3. A Twin Cities Fling, Part 1 by Plant Postings

  4. Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden by Wills Family Acres

  5. Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden by Recreational Gardener

  6. Minneapolis Garden Bloggers Fling, Day 1 by Shovel-Ready Gardener

  7. Our Recent Garden Trip to Minneapolis, Day 1 by Ravenscourt Gardens

  8. Noerenberg Memorial Garden and Carmichael-Kelley Home Garden by Digging

  9. 2016 Garden Bloggers Fling, Day 1 by Down2Earth

  10. Eloise Butler Gardens by Floradora Gardens

  11. Eloise Butler Wildflower Gardens by Homegrown

  12. Peacefulness in Minneapolis by Rebecca’s Retreat

  13. Noerenberg Memorial Gardens by Garden in the City

  14. A Gardening Couple’s Magnificent Obsession by Garden in the City

  15. Day 1 Highlights on the Still Growing podcast

  16. The Garden of Rhonda Fleming Hayes and Bachman’s tour by Adventures in My Garden

  17. Ideas for Designing with Vegetables by Toronto Gardens

  18. Lyndale Park Gardens by Adventures in My Garden

  19. The Studio Garden of Donna Hamilton by Adventures in My Garden


  1. Garden Bloggers Visit Vera’s Garden by Notes from Northern Gardener

  2. Springwood Gardens Daylily Farm by Digging

  3. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum by Digging

  4. Dynasty Drive flowers and bonus hosta garden by Digging

  5. Celebrate July’s Profusion in the Garden by Toronto Gardens

  6. I Went to the Woods and Saw Walden Road Garden by Digging

  7. Dotty Over Monarda Punctata by Toronto Gardens

  8. Will Fine Plastic Netting Deter Deer? by Toronto Gardens

  9. Twin Cities Fling, Part 2 by Plant Postings

  10. This is an Espaliere Belgian Fence by Toronto Gardens

  11. Garden Tour: Day 2 by Ravenscourt Gardens

  12. Day 2 Highlights on the Still Growing podcast

SUNDAY, July 17

  1. Lotus Position, Marjorie McNeely Conservatory by Toronto Gardens

  2. What Makes a Japanese Garden by Woodchuck Acres

  3. An Enchanting Gate by Natural Gardening

  4. Woutrina de Raad’s Sculpture Garden by Toronto Gardens

  5. Design, Plant Collections and Larger Than Life Sculptures Dominate Fling Garden by Sharing Nature’s Garden

  6. Making Fish Box Troughs by Toronto Gardens

  7. Como Conservatory and Japanese Garden by Digging

  8. Elegant Garden of St. Paul Writer Marge Hols by Digging

  9. Inspired at Squire House Gardens by Digging

  10. Garden Artistry at Woutrina De Raad’s Sculpture Garden, Part 1 by Digging

  11. Magical Mosaics in the Garden of Woutrina De Raad by Digging

  12. A Twin Cities Fling, Part 3 by Plant Postings

  13. Day 3 Adventures on the Still Growing podcast

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